Korean Inspired Outfit Of the Day

Hi people. I know I am updating my blog less frequently nowadays 🙁 Trust me, I don’t want to abandon my baby also. Sigh but everything is so overwhelming. Please bear with my crapsss larh! XD

Okay, today I am going to talk about my outfit of the day. It is a Korean inspired outfit. I know my face look big and chubby and my body looks fat, so try just focus on my hair and my outfit lar! I promise I am going to try hard to improve on my body and face and hopefully in the near future I can become thinner!

Outfit Of The Day

  • Spaghetti strap from Kitschen 
  • High waist shorts from Cotton On
  • Heels from Vincci
  • Chiffon top from Forever 21

You  might be thinking it must be expensive ootd but actually it is not! I am a smart consumer because I bought all these during the end of season sales.

If anyone happen to realized it, it is my first time posting photos with mt spectacles right? haha. The main reason behind it is…. The glasses really look Korean. Normal Korean usually wear this kind of square large specs in their daily life. haha.

For the hair, I tied a bun. Korean woman usually have bun on right? Example, look at the picture below, it is IU!

The fifth style – Korean-inspired top bun IU – also begins with a high ponytail. When finished, bring the horses to the front of your head and wrap it around itself into a high bun and secure it in the back. Secure with a few flops, and finish the look with beautiful accessories headband. 

After looking at IU’s bun, this is my bun! I really think my hair look so good today! haha. You can also wear your white coat like this as this kind of wearing method appears a lot of times in Korean drama! haha.

The pictures are taken in my university! Think this is the best spot to take pictures as the background color is nice!

I really hate dress code and policy. I think dressing is an art and by thinking how to mix and match your clothes, you can actually develop your creativity! Limiting and controlling how one should dress herself is really unreasonable. Don’t see how my dressing style is off when I am just merely wearing a simple tee with shorts and slippers. Don’t see how wearing revealing clothes is distracting. Really sucks when I heard people telling me how I should dress, dress code and so on… I am wearing for myself, this is how I carry myself and my mood depends on my dressing. For example, when I think I dress well and nicely, i feel more confident to talk and socialize, I am happier. Studying is already very miserable and by limiting my dress code, it makes everything worse and if I have to wear all those clothes that I don’t like, I will really feel gloomy the whole day!

Be confident while taking photos is important. No matter how good the photographer is, without confidence, the photos will not look good. So when you are standing in front of a camera, just be confident and pose! Don’t have to worry how people will look at you, your pose and your photos! Of course, you will need to learn posing techniques in order to have better pictures! I am lucky to have a close friend who always teach me how to pose.

Study life is horrible as usual! I am getting busier. Insomnia is haunted me as usual!  🙁 Wish me luck! 

Hope you enjoy my ootd and my post! Bye bye 
Photo credit to my best friend, Carson and edited by me! 

Sherlyn. 🙂 

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