Jonlivia’s Unisex Phiro Back Support

Hi! How are you guys doing recently?? 
I am busy as usual. I am currently in my Pediatric Surgery rotation and with the long hour of standing in the ward, a good posture is very important. 
Having minor scoliosis, the doctor always advises me to adopt a good posture no matter what I do but I always have this tendency to slouch whenever I just want to feel comfortable after a long day. As a result, back pain has always become part of my life.
Until a while ago, I received the Jonlivia’s unisex Phiro Back Support. I know this is definitely the product to solve my problem! 
Before I start, allow me to introduce Jonlivia, a healthy lifestylewear company in Malaysia. They sell various body perfecting products which not only focus on their functionality but also the style! 
The Phiro back support is designed specially for those who has curved spine, hunchback, sciatica and various spinal deformities. 
It helps to correct poor posture, train your body to keep your shoulders back, correct scoliosis and other malformed spinal curvatures, relieve posture related back pain, shoulder pains and headaches, pulls back the shoulders, straightens neck and aligns spine. Apart from that, it help you walk like a model and gain confidence by staying elegant no matter waking or standing. 
It is really easy to put on Phiro! 
First, put on the Jonlivia Phiro.

You just wear it like how you carry a backpack
Just attach the wide waist band before you extend the smaller adjuster. You can adjust it based on your comfort using the smaller adjuster. Just pull until suitable tightness and attach the smaller adjuster. 
The design is pretty simple and the best part is it is adjustable! It is made of light material so you will not feel heavy to wear it!
I have been wearing it for a week ever since I received it! I wear it  for one to two hours a day while I was doing work with my computer, watching tv or even when I was reading. There was no discomfort and you literally will not feel anything after your body is trained to get use to the posture. 
I have to admit that my posture is kind of bad usually and so when I wore it initially, it does give me some extent of backache. I am assuming this is because I was not used to the posture! After 2 days, it actually helps me to deal with my usual backache and neck ache. Did I mentioned that I get back ache very frequenty? I am always sitting in front of my laptop to do my assignments, reading up articles online, studying with my laptop and even blogging. 

It is also very stylish to wear. Sometimes I wear it when I drive and I don’t even feel uncomfortable or embarrassed even if people see it as it is kind of a cool and stylish thing to wear!

To sum up, the unisex Phiro Back support is easy to wear, works effectively to deal with posture problems, lightweight and stylish! 
You can get yours here for RM 210. It is really affordable compare to many other back support products out there too!

If you are interested, 
you can check out the product here
or check out more products at their official site at
Till we see again, xoxo


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