Introducing Smoov Tuak

Introducing Smoov Tuak today!
Haven’t heard of Tuak? Tuak is a Sarawakian rice wine, also a traditional alcoholic drink. To produce it, it has to go through the fermentation of rice using yeast and enzyme!

Why Smoov Tuak?

There are up to 10 flavours which include:
apple, pineapple, rosella, pomegranate, passion fruit, orange infused roselle, dragonfruit, mango, longan infused lemon and rice wine!

The benefits
❤️ reduce the risk of getting cancer,
❤️ prevent osteoporosis
❤️ prevent hypertension

Smmov Tuak photo

Every tuak is aged for at least 3 months and made up of 100% natural ingredients without any colouring and artificial!

Introducing Smoov Tuak: The taste of tuak

The alcohol content of tuak varies from 6% to 10%. The tuak from them is very smooth, not too sweet. There is no sour taste in it

Tuak Malaysia

The rice wine tastes so mild and smooth!
The small bottles that I got are pineapple 🍍, dragon fruits, orange &rosella, mango 🥭!
My fav is still the rice wine! Cheers 🍻

Smoov Tuak Sarawak

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