Inside Out Sun Protection with Nuvit

Thinking that sun protection is just applying sunblock? Nuvit says you are wrong! With their products, you get to know what is inside out sun protection!

Inside Out Sun Protection: Nuvit SunbloX Nutritional Beverage

It is a delicious orange and lemon beverage containing clinical proven patented ingredient NutroxSun that offers strong antioxidative properties towards free radical from UV rays! The drinks taste a bit citrusy with some herbs in it. I would not say it is delicious but it is acceptable!
Let’s look at the ingredients, it has fish collagen, polypodium extract and the patented ingredient NutroxSun!

Nuvit Sunblox

Nuvit Daily Defender Lightweight Moisturizing Sunscreen

Pairing it with Daily Defender Lightweight Moisturizing Sunscreen. It protects your skin from inside to outside. It is alcohol-free and paraben-free. Upon application, it is non-greasy and soothing as well!

Nuvit Daily Defender Lightweight Moisturizing Sunscreen

You can get both products from their website, Shopee and Lazada.
Nuvit Sunblox (15 sachets) – RM 80.00
Nuvit Daily Defender – RM 55.90
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Inside Out Sun Protection with Nuvit

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