How to style the Little Black Dress

Every woman knows that the little black dress of known as the LBD has been a fashion stable throughout the years. Since the early days, it is said that every women should at least own a little black dress as the piece is versatile to be worn to any occasion. However, as season passes and new trends go in and out, it is a must for the ladies to get their own twist design of the little black dress. No matter what your personal style is, there will always be the perfect LBD out there which can make you appear in trend. 

The first LBD dress is the lovely lace pieces. Laces have been the favourite pick from women all around the world due to its delicate soft appeal. Ladies can flaunt the lace black dresses on a date or at parties and still remain their feminine flirt.

Another LBD which can withstand the test of time are the stylish the bodycon dresses. Switch that A-line LBD with a sexier bodycon dress to show off your sophisticated side. The bodycon dress tights your body nicely and enhances all your curves well. Flaunt it to any occasion and feel confident in your own skin. Accessorize the bodycon LBD with statement jewelleries and sky high heels for the complete look.

If you have heard about the puffy tulle, get your own LBD tulle piece and twirl around in it. The tulle designs brings out your elegant yet fun side to others easily. Rock this look for a younger appeal and impress others around you with your incredible dress. Since tulle LBD are fluffy, accessorize with simple pieces to not overcrowd the outfit. Keep everything in balance and look fantastic in the modern tulle little black dress.


Author: Sherlyn Goh

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