How to make the perfect poached egg with fresh kampung egg

Perfect poached egg

Making a perfect poached egg is a kind of challenging task for many of us. These are a few tips on how to make the perfect poached egg with a fresh kampung egg.

How to make the perfect poached egg with fresh kampung egg

  1. Boil the water and do add some vinegar to it.
  2. Make sure you stir the water continuously in a circular motion, while you break the egg.
  3. A round, nice poached egg will be formed.
  4. However, do make sure that your eggs are fresh!

Buy Fresh Kampung Egg Online

Buy fresh kampung egg online

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Taste so good

Fresh kampung egg

The taste of the kampung egg is so fresh and rich. There is no fishy smell from the egg while consumed! It tastes so good no matter what dishes you make, poached egg, scramble egg, fried egg, half-boiled egg.

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Perfect poached egg

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