Hollaface Brightening Concentrate Glow Serum

Holla Face Serum Review

Tried and tested! The new Hollaface Brightening Concentrate Glow Serum 30ml 🥰

Holla Face serum review

A lightweight yet concentrated water-soluble serum that brightens, hydrates and soothes your skin.

🔥Contains Alpha Arbutin and Silver Vine that brighten overall skin tone, fade dark spots
🔥 Contains Chamomile that soothes irritation and inflammation
🔥 Contains Hyaluronic Acid that hydrates the skin.

❤️Packaging ❤️
The product comes in a clear glass bottle containing 30ml of a concentrated serum with a minimalistic design.

❤️ Serum ❤️
– Liquid clear colour
– no scent
– no artificial fragrance or colour
– oil-free
– silicone-free
– suitable for all skin type
– Brighten, hydrate and soothe the skin

Holla Face serum review

🍀 Overall, the serum has a very thick watery consistency with a light texture. It hydrates my skin and absorbs instantly as soon as I apply it! It is not oily after I apply it and I use it after their pore clarifying brightening serum.

Hollaface Brightening Concentrate Glow Serum
RM 69.90, available on Shopee
Website: https://www.hollaface.com/

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