Hey! Deux Yeoza Rapunzel Hair Leave in Treatment Day and Night

If you have been reading my blog or following me on Instagram, you must have noticed the my hair condition is not really good. With a few times of coloring and highlighting, it has become really dry and frizzy. 
Just as I needed something more for my hair, Hey!Deux Yeoza Rapunzel Hair Leave in Treatment came into my mailbox! I believe many of you are new to the brand. It is a Korean brand and it consists of leave in daily nutritive treatment for day and night. 
It is a 6 in 1 total care system which serves as treatment, serum, moisturizer, hair oil, hair essence and hair pack perfect for dyed/perm damaged, frizzy, split ends, UV damage, dry and breakage hair! 
The packaging is very cute, with the pink color for day time treatment and blue color for night time treatment. It comes with a 180ml of cream per tube! Very huge and worth for the price. 
It is proven that they have immediate result after single use.
The products came with seal to prevent leakage during the delivery. 

How to apply? 
For the moist day
1. Comb your hair. 
2. Apply to towel-dried hair
3. Style as usual.
It coats your hair so that the moisture is sealed. 
Not only the packaging is pink, the cream is pink as well!
It is non-sticky and non-oily. The scent makes my hair smell good every morning!
For the enriching night
1. Comb your hair. 
2. Apply to dry hair
3. Go to bed. 
It restores and repairs your damage hair while you are asleep. 
With the blue packaging, the cream is white in color! 
It has a lighter scent compare to the day treatment, I guess this is good for a good night rest?
The cream is a bit more watery compare to the day treatment. 

Sherlyn’s Thoughts

I applied day and night for a few days so far and I have seen the result. 
The scent was definitely good. 
It is non-oily, non-greasy and non-sticky. 
I believe that my hair has become softer and less frizzy. 
The recommendation is to use it day and night for 2 months to see the best result. I cannot wait the the end of the 2 months!
Good news! 
Follow the link to get 25% off at HiCharis
$25.99 for one or $45.75 for both. 
Grab it now to get instant rapunzel hair! 
Till we meet again, 


Author: Sherlyn Goh

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