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I am back in Studio M KSL-one of the best hair saloon in KSL after a month of my coloring and mucota treatment. If you haven’t read it, you should read it here. 

This time round I tried their OWAY scalp treatment + IAU Cell Care treatment

Oway Scalp Treatment

This is a personalized treatment rituals with friendly ingredients. There are four choices you can go for after a thorough scalp scanning using the very own Oway machine, namely purifying, re-balancing, soothing and hair loss.

This is my scalp condition before treatment, You can see the red patches which are sensitive patches and also the scalp conditions

The steps are
1. Professional diagnosis of the scalp and creation of the customized path.
2. Miconized plant mixture + Preparatory treatment
3. Special cleansing and conditioning
4. Intensive concentrated treatment

I proceeded with IAU cell care treatment because after scalp treatments, the hair will tend to be dry due to the deep cleansing effect.
The steps are simple and it didn’t take long for my hair to regain its health. It includes elasticity fiber injection and also lipid injection which can penetrate the hair structures and repair the hair internally before it ends with a bonding and coating to retain the moisture.

This is the end result, the sensitive patches reduced and my scalp are much cleaner compare to before.

Overall, I am happy to have Studio M KSL to keep my hair healthy despite my busy schedules. The services they provided were tip-topped and I can always leave my hair to them!
This is my hair before I left the saloon. It regained the silkiness within.
If you are looking for a saloon in KSL, Studio M KSL is a good choice.

Studio M KSL
Tel: 07-2890058

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