The most romantic spots for the perfect proposal in Kuala Lumpur

Perhaps, congratulations are in order? If you are perusing through this list, it just might be safe to assume that you are planning on taking your relationship with your partner to the next level. If you are, congratulations! Embarking on the beautiful journey of marriage is definitely a cause for celebration. Now, you are going to need the perfect place to pop the special question – “Will you marry me?”
That moment should be unforgettable. Of course, getting down on one knee with a ring box in your hand sort of says it all. But, the details do matter. First things first, you will need to decide to where to go. This list will be able to help with that. Here are some extraordinary spots that will make your proposal extra special. Get ready to live out your magical moment and conquer your “happily ever after”!
Villa Danieli
Villa Danieli is a gorgeous, rustic Italian trattoria located at Sheraton Imperial Hotel. This award-winning restaurant offers delicious, authentic and satiating specialties that will impress the pickiest of eaters. Sit back, relax and enjoy each other’s warm companionship while you dig into the decadent dishes. Celebrate this joyous occasion with great company and fine wine. The ambience of the trattoria is the ideal lead up to the perfect proposal. There are beautiful murals by Mindy Lehrman all around as you savor your Italian festa. Just imagine the two of you being flanked by the striking atmosphere of a typical Italian villa, which includes hand-painted ceramic tabletops that accent the array of dishes that are each prepared with its own distinct character.
Villa Danieli, Jalan Sultan Ismail, Chow Kit, 50250 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur - Google Search
Stratosphere @ The Roof
The Stratosphere @ the Roof is Asia’s first and only luxury bar that’s nestled atop of an infinity grassed helipad. This stunning place offers an incomparable 360° panoramic view of the city and the greater Klang Valley. Take a moment to savor the open breeze and enjoy the decadent cocktails under the romantic gleam of the night’s shining stars. This exquisite setting is so romantic and perfect for a proposal. The best part is, the picturesque backdrop is ideal for garden weddings ‘in the sky’ if you love this place enough to have your wedding here. The Stratosphere’s versatile appeal allows for a myriad of magical wonders that a just waiting to be explored.
Rooftop Bar in Damansara
Tamarind Hill
If you and your significant other love nature and the outdoors, then Tamarind Hill is the perfect place for your proposal. This lovely rustic-lux style restaurant has been open since 1999. Tamarind Hill is perched on a gorgeous hilltop and it feels like an escape within the city. Another reason why this place is perfect for nature lovers is because of the contrast of the sublime backdrop of skyscrapers and the organic, natural foliage around that exudes a serene ambiance and a lovely, out of town illusion that is coupled with a sense of lovely romanticism. So, walk up and appetite and indulge in the culinary affair of a lifetime. The restaurants at Tamarind Hill are known for their desire to ensure the authenticity of the Thai and Indochinese cuisine that is served. Your wonderful night will be further enhance by delicious dishes from the peasant homes of the dwellers of the Golden Triangle that will bring about more than one wonder.
Pretty, pretty in the heart of the city. Tamarind Hill.
Marini’s on 57
Marini’s on 57 is absolutely the ideal place for the perfect proposal. This gorgeous restaurant, bar and lounge is steeped opulent luxury and it’s the premium spot to indulge in decadent Italian dishes. Your night will be undeniably memorable as all your senses will be satiated. Modesto Marini leads this exquisite establishment and has crafted it to captivate all the elements of the perfect dinner in the sky. Your notable night will involve striking views of the PETRONAS Twin Towers and the city skyline. Beautifully nestled on the 57th floor of PETRONAS Tower 3, Marini’s on 57’s celebrated architecture features floor to ceiling glass windows and unrivaled views of Kuala Lumpur. All the pictures from your special night will look heavenly from every angle. Enjoy the consummately magical fine dining Italian cuisine as you take your beautiful relationship to the next level.

Marble 8
Another Modesto Marini’s establishment is just a floor below Marini’s on 57. Marble 8 is on the 56th floor of PETRONAS Tower 3 and it is one of the best steakhouse kl has to offer. Savor the most exclusive, tender cuts of premium steak to give you a little bit of vigor before you get down on one knee. This luxurious, first class steakhouse, elegant bar and distinguished lounge oozes extravagance and it will elevate your special night. Take a breather and relish in the delicate flavors and authentic creations that are accentuated with a lavish charm. When she says “Yes!”, toast the momentous occasion with fine wine and timeless elixirs along with an amazing selection of ambience harmonies that will highlight your spectacular evening.
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A perfect proposal will need a perfect partner. Have you found yours? 

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  1. Gorgeous places to get proposed to! Didn't know there are these beautiful spots for a romantic dinner in KL! Will wanna check them out on my next visit 😀

  2. Wah! Every and each of these places looks like a perfect spot to propose. It will definitely be a wonderful memory for the couple.

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