Group H :) Pbl party and clinical skills dinner

End of semester 2 🙂 This post is specially dedicated to my favourite group H and also the pbl and clinical skill tutor of group H 🙂

** Sorry for the photo quality, I directly upload from my iphone, that’s why

When I get to know that I was distributed in group H, i wasnt very happy about it simply because I don’t know most of the people in the group! And I also was like: “OMG, I am so unlucky to get Dr sivalal as my pbl tutor!” simply because I heard from the other people that he is the strictest pbl tutor apart from Dr Amudha. LOL. However, towards the end of semester, I changed my mind already! He is the best pbl tutor ever and you really can learn a lot if you are in his pbl group! So whoever who get him, I can tell you that you are the luckiest people ever and do appreaciate his effort even though you will feel so super stress every week before pbl lol. So dramatic right?! Yes, My life is full of drama.

It would be a bit unfair if I never mention Dr Lingham! haha. This is my second semester with him and he is my clinical skills tutor for the whole year 1! I know I am so lucky to have him. 😀 Since I already mention him in my previous post (ending of sem 1’s post), I shall not mention him so much? ahhaha. But he is the kindest and funniest soul on earth and and you can learn a lot under him without any stress. haha.  I shall never forget my s4 dermatomes which is the place where you have anal sex! LOL. And guess waht s4 dermatome really come out for OSCAR on last fri-.-

For my group members which consist of Kuggen, Adam, JR, Tse Nin, Peh Chee, Alvin, Zaafer, Soo Ern, Francine, Harpreet and Joel Lai, you all are bunch of awesome people as well! Having fun with you all this semester:)

I will never forget how the drama between harpreet and zaafer happened. And also! joel who is always so serious when we were talking nonsense and joking around. And I found another drama lover- Tse Nin as well haha. Not to forget other kind soul who had helped me throughout the semester. haha. Overall, I am happy with the group 🙂

 Here are some photo of the group.

Group H

Group H

Taken during the pbl party

Cake by Dr Sivalal.

Err? Formal photo?

Group photo with dr Sivalal
Dinner with Dr Lingham

Group photo in Nando’s with Dr Lingham. A bit blurish:(

So this is my whole semester and I will be having my final next week. 🙁 I haven even study anything! Time to go back to my books! byebye people 🙁


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