Graduation Night MBBS Class of 2017 Monash University Malaysia

There was a girl who was lost 5 years ago. 
5 years later, 
she is still lost. 

It is the night of
 Graduation Ball 2017.

I completed my five years of medical school! Look at how far we’ve come!

Cuckoo Club of 2017 – Ying Yi, Yi Koon, Jia En 
 He was here. 

The two married couples in university. 
Dr Siva & Dr Vanassa
Dr Azim & Dr Rafidah 
The Group B for clinical years.
The Johoreans
Enough of photos of the graduation ball. I didn’t manage to post all because there is simple too much to post!
Of course, you cannot summarize five years with just a few photos of a night.
It still haven’t feel real to me that I am no longer a students.
There are times when you wake up and still feel like you have to go to school.
There are times when you feel happy as the excuses to go to school arise, even it is just to certify a piece of document.
The fear from the first day of medical school, the unknown and uncertainty stays.
The same fear again from the first day of clinical year remains.
Five years, things changed, people grows but fear remains.
Five year ago, I was so lost but five year later, I am still as lost.
The main thing that changed: STATUS. 
From a medical student, I become a medical graduate.
Jobless in life. Doing what I love in life, sitting down here finally have time to update my blog and social media.
The bittersweet memories of the years, the people who were around for me and the one who still stays around with me till today.
Five year wouldn’t be possible if I were to be alone.
We are never alone in this journey. 
For those of you who reached the blog because of the fear and uncertainty, stay on,
Be Brave and hang in there.
Tough time never last forever.
I did it, so can you!
Graduation is not the end of the journey; it is just the starting of the journey

Till we meet again, 


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