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Hi!!! Hehe. I am recently working on my new blog post and it acually took me so super llong to finish it! It will be up soon! haha. Hope you all will continue to support my blog! <3

Remember my 1st ever Giveaway? If you cannot remember, click <here>

I always think that I am so new in blogging world and I always think that nobody would read my blog! Thank you for joining my giveaway and I will continue to work hard to present you quality post okay! Please continue to watch me grow and support my blog regularly! Love you all who read my blog! 😀 

The four winners is out already and I have been thinking where to announce the winners since I don’t have a facebook page to stay connect with my readers! Hence, after asking Lerler, she said sure I should create a post to announce my winners and asked me to refer to Carinn‘s post! haha. You guys should check out her site for her winner announcement and join her new giveaway <HERE>
Here is my four winners!! Winners are selected randomly and I hope you all will be happy about it!

Eunice Gm: Maybelline lipstick and loreal lipstick
Cheryl wennee: Maybelline lipstick and Magnum Mascara
Elynn Goh: BB mousse and Magnum Mascara
恩柔: BB mousse and Loreal lipstick 

Thank you again to Kim Tan and Only beauty for the opportunity and congratulations to all the winners /bye

Sherlyn 🙂 


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