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Today I am going to talk about good food! Wow! Jb is so small and I always find it very sad as there isn’t much place to hang out with friends and so on..Blogging is always awesome and I get to know awesome people and awesome place also! It is like I am writing for my hobby but at the same time there are also so many plus points! Let’s get straight to the point now! ^^

Restaurant Lemon Tree
Photo credit to Audrey

The owner of Restaurant Lemon Tree, Jeffry Bong opened the restaurant at the year of 2003 and the name of the restaurant is adapted from the song “Lemon Tree” because the song was really famous! Okay, to be honest, I didn’t know the song before this! :/

Allow me to talk about food before anything else. haha.

We were served with beverages when we reached.

Sour-sop fruity RM5.50 

This is my 1st time trying soursop drink and the drink surprised me as it contains the real soursop fruits.This is a good choice as it gave me appetite before the dinner! haha. If you don’t want to try soursop, of course they serve hot drinks, fresh juice, smoothies, ice blended and even beer. You can definitely get to choose the drink you like form their menu! 🙂

Tuna Bruchetta Cheese Bread RM 9.80

We were serve with appetizer of the day- Tuna Bruchetta Cheese Bread. It consist of garlic, herbs, tuna and cheese. To be honest, I am not a fans of Tuna but this appetizer attracted me especially the tomatos and the cucumber which make the appetizer appear to be less oily and healthy!

Home-Made Cream of Mushroom RM5.50 

Mushroom soup is always my all time favourite! The mushroom soup from Restaurant Lemon Tree is really presentable by its looks and also its taste! Taste so yummy! It consists of 5 types of mushroom and I get to bite the mushroom while drinking at the soup!

Tropical Hawaiian Pizza RM 17.80

The ingredient of the pizza include slice chicken ham, juicy pineapple, tomato sause, onion, green pepper and mozzarella cheese.

Island Seafood Pizza RM19.80

Prawn, squid, tuna with bed of thousand island sauce, sliced onion and mozzarella cheese.
Sherlyn is allergy to seafood so never get to try this pizza! But I try my best to list down the toppings for you all!

Mix Fruit Salad RM5.50

Homemake salad sauce is what attract me the most. Different from the usual salad sauce, this salad dressing is refreshing and it has orange taste! Special salad dressing with mixed fruits, this is definitely going to be one of the healthiest and most delicious salad in Jb town! haha.

New Zealand Air Flown Rib Eye Steak RM49.00

The 180 gram steak is medium well done (70%). Again, I couldnt share the taste or anything regarding of the steak with you as I cannot eat beef steak haha.

Spaghetti Seafood Alio-Olio RM12.80
Photo credit to Carinn

See the big prawns there? You will know I can’t eat this dish! haha. However, the price is really cheap for spaghetti especially with it generous amount of ingredients they put in. Prawn is quite expensive nowadays right? haha

Spaghetti Hawaiian RM8.80


Sour sweet sauce with ham slices! Affordable and yummy spaghetti!

Mee Mamak RM 6.80

This is special order by another blogger, Kim! You might want to read her comment on this dishes since she likes it so much!

Special Fried Rice RM13.80
Photo credit to Audrey

From the picture you can see this is a huge fried rice which consists of cheese and ham, chicken wing, coleslaw, eggs and black pepper sauce! The fried rice was invented by a loyal customer of Restaurant Lemon Tree and evolved over the time! I like it because it is not too dry and in nutrition wise, it is balance in carboydrates, protein, fats and numerous vitamin+mineral!


The Tiramisu is make up of 3 type of coffee powders and make with mascarpone cheese! Once you put into the mouth, you can feel the difference of this Tiramisu! Is a must try dessert in this restaurant!

Creme brûlée   
The chef uses Vanilla seeds instead of vanilla essence to make this dessert. Up to standard but I don’t like creme brulee all the while so a bit difficult for me to describe ler.
Chocolate Lava
This chocolate lava is the best dessert of the night! I like this soooo much! It is a must try if you are a dark chocolate lover since it make up of 70 percent pure dark chocolate. It it not like the normal chocolate lave which is all too sweet for me! This one is just right eh. If I ever go back, all I want to eat is this chocolate lava! haha. I am such a chocolate lover and I love dark chocolate, so I totally love this chocolate lava!

Despite its kinda of old-looking outer appearance, the inner appearance is just the opposite! It gives people a warm, cozy and vintage feeling. The restaurant is being seperated into 2 parts in which one part is for public while the other part is for catering service or private functions.

Photo credit to Audrey
Photography session before leaving.
Jeffry Bong and Me

Photo credit to Audrey 

Overall, the food is good with reasonable price and the ambience of the restaurant is good also! Free wifi available and it is very near to KSL.
Special thanks to the JB bloggers’ mamasan, Kim Tan from testandshare for the invition, Audrey for fetching me to the restaurant and Eryn for fetching me back! /blush

Tempted to go to the restaurant? Here is the details of the restaurant!

Restaurant Lemon Tree
18, Jalan Bedara, 
Tmn Melodies, 
80250, JB, Johor. 
Telephone number: 07-335568807-3355688
Operation hours: 12pm-11pm, closed on Monday

Read on others’ review /bye

Sherlyn 🙂

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