Flying to Melbourne with Emirates

Hi! I am currently in Melbourne and I have been trying very hard to keep my blog alive so I decided to blog on my travel itinerary in the next 3 months! Hopefully I can try to update you guys every week. 
I flew to Melbourne on the 23rd Jan from Changi (SIN)! Emirates was nice enough to upgrade my flight to business class cabin! It is actually my first time flying with emirates and my first time in business class!
I reached Changi Airport at around 3pm even though my flight is 11pm because I wanted to spent time with the boyfriend and shop in Changi! 

I am all ready to fly! 

Let’s have a look at business class cabin! The seat was very comfortable, as you can see from the picture below, there are 4 buttons to adjust the seat and you can even lie flat completely to sleep! It is important for overnight flight isn’t it? 

The flight was slightly delayed by 30 minutes, so by the time I settled down, it was already almost 12am!  Amazingly, it is the time for them to serve dinner! Being in business class, there is this menu of fine dining where you get to choose your meal from appetizer to desserts but too bad my motion sickness was pretty bad even after medications so I didn’t really get to enjoy the food! 🙁 

Anyway I ordered! Trying to eat something while watch the TV! The in flight entertainment is amazing! There are a wide ranges of movies (kind of new movies), musics and even variety shows for you to choose! I was watching fashion show and trying to figure out what is the latest summer trend as I will be spending my summer and autumn in Australia! (It is kind of useless because the summer is very cold here compare to Malaysia so I wear sweater everywhere in the end) 

One thing about business class, everyone was drinking the unlimited wines on board except me! It is kind of weird because most people are Caucasians and being one of the few Asians there, I ordered tea instead of any alcoholic drinks. The air stewardess asked me a few times on whether I want wine throughout the few hours flight!
After trying to sleep for the whole night, finally it is breakfast time! The breakfast is amazing right? 🙂 

I can hardly enjoy the flight because of motion sickness but overall, it is a good experience! (Secretly hope they will upgrade my return flight to business class as well!)  
On the side notes, my luggage for my 3 months stay in Melbourne is 25kg (One medium size suitcase and one handcarry!) It is pretty surprising because I brought most of my skincare, makeup and toiletries here! 

A few tips on how to save luggage space when you are flying.

1) Roll your clothes! I repeat! ROLL. 
A lot of my friends actually fold their clothes and ended up bringing extra suitcase and handcarry! By rolling your clothes, it save a lot of space! 
You can put in a vacuum pack after rolling, It does wonder! 
2) Use plenty of zip-lock bags to categorize your luggage and for liquid stuff in case it spilled out, everything else will be dry in zip lock bag! 
3) Pack what is necessary and you can pretty much get any other things here! I brought one jeans, one shorts and one sweater for my 3 months stay and guess what, I bought another pair of jeans and sweaters for 10 AUD here! 
4)  Bring all the stuffs that is about time for you to throw them away so that you can throw away most of the things when you go back and have more space for souvenirs and shopping items!  
5) Wear all the heavy clothes on yourself on the day! (I wore jeans, jackets, scarf and shoes!) 

A few other tips for traveling. 

1) Check the weather and TEMPERATURE and bring appropriate clothing before you fly! 
Don’t be like me thinking that summer is going to be hot but ended up freezing everyday! What is hot to others may be cold to you! 
2) Make sure you don’t bring any restricted items into the country and it differs from country to country, so better check before you fly!
3) Good idea to get a longchampe bag because it is really versatile and fordable, then carry another backpack/handbag so that you can have more bags for different looks while traveling! 
Alright, I guess this is it! Look forward to my next post on some of the attractions in Melbourne okay! 
Have a nice day ahead! 
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