Fashion with Scarf

Hi! I know I am being very inactive in blogging recently but I am here today trying my best to keep my blog alive although I am very busy everything else too! 
Today, I am going to blog about fashion with scarf. Why is it so special? Mainly because I wasn’t a scarf person until my boyfriend taught me about it and even bought me 4 scarves at one go! 😀 
This post consists of 2 OOTD on a 2 separate occasions. 

First OOTD

This is the OOTD when I went to Singapore! 
This outfit is suitable for any high tea sessions, shopping mall or even office wear. The dress is a plain black dress with a white collar. Without the scarf, it will be just too plain with black and white. Hence I decided on a patterned and colorful scarf and indeed, it gives my outfit some color. The scarf is light and skinny in nature which is suitable for daily wear in our country since the weather is always very humid and hot! Remember to keep your outfit plain when you match it with a colorful scarf.  

The scarf defined my outfit for the day:
Confidence, stylist, fashionable

Second OOTD

For the second OOTD, I matched the scarf with a plain white lace top with a red mini skirts. That is my only accessory of the day. You can also replace the skirt with a skinny jeans, simple yet elegant. 

Just to show you how you can take a better “Face Of The Day” or “Makeup Of The Day” selfie. The makeup is korean inspired makeup. I tried to curl my eyelashes but I think is not so visible in this photo! Same goes to my gradient lips! 🙁 

If you find it too warm to wear it around you neck, you can also tie a ribbon around your handbag. 

The scarf goes well with my outfit without any extra accessories. 
By now you should be thinking it must be expensive to be fashionable, elegant and so on. The black dress with white collar, the white lace top, the red skirt, the red handbag and even the 2 scarves are all from TaoBao! 
It is definitely not too expensive if you compare to the stuffs in retail shop! 
Being a smart consumer is also part of the fashion isn’t it? 🙂 
That is it for today. 
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