Experience Malaysia’s Largest IMAX at Aeon Tebrau City Shopping Mall ,JB

TGV cinema launched their biggest IMAX theater in Aeon Tebrau City, JB on 11th December 2013.

Firstly I would like to thanks Butterfly Project MalaysiaTGV and Regina (The PR Manager of TGV) for the invitation to the event. It is my 1st event with Butterfly Project Malaysia and I was so excited about it! 😀 Along with other JB butterflies bloggers- Audrey, Qiaoqiao, KimTan, Carinn and Lerler , we got the chance to watch The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug along with the launching event.

A little bit about IMAX. Currently, TGV cinemas in Malaysia have three IMAX theater – First, TGV sunway pyramid, TGV 1Utama and now TGV Tebrau City being the third IMAX theater! Yah! It is the 1st theater outside KL 🙂 Since I study in KL, I went to TGV Sunway Pyramid quite often and also had some movie experiences in TGV 1Utama!

A lot of people had been asking me what is the difference between IMAX and the normal theater.

Here I list down some of the difference 🙂
1) IMAX work directly with filmmakers to enhance the movie using its Digital Re-Mastering process, which delivers superior picture, and sound quality
2) The resulting images are so lifelike and crystal-clear that you will forget you are actually in a theatre.

3) IMAX grab your senses. You can feel the powerful sound all around you rather than just   hearing it!

4) The theatre design creates a picture that is higher, wider and closer. Hence, you cannot see the frame like you do in normal cinema.

As you can see, the row of seats is slightly curved when compare to a normal theater. This is for a better visual experience 🙂 

Picture from TGV facebook page

Going back to the event. The agenda of the event:
1) Registration

Registration Counter
There are staffs which helped with the registration process 
Got my tickets! 🙂

2) Photo taking and instant print collection booth!

Spot the camera man? haha.

3) Opening speech by Gerald V. Dibbayawan, Chief Excutive Officer of TGV cinemas. 
He said:

“Watching a movie with IMAX,is an experience that transports movie-goers to timeless magical place like space and fairytaleland .Together with IMAX , we want to provide opportunities to Malaysian to have a memorables and enjoyable experience while enjoying their movies -from comfort of our seats to the ambience to the effects of the movie!”

4) Speech by Preetam Daniel, IMAX’s director of Sales for India and South East Asia
5) Lucky Draw for 5 winners which each winner entitled 4 movie tickets
6) Official opening ceremony

The stage before the event started. Photo from TGV facebook page:)

Ready to light up the bulb! From left, Preetam Daniel,
Gerald V. Dibbayawan

Yeah! Officially launch 🙂

Posing for media to take pictures 🙂

7) Taking popcorn and water, hahaha
8) Enter IMAX theater and some briefing was given.
The theater consists of 362 luxurious and comfortable seats which make it the largest IMAX theater in Malaysia

Picture from TGV facebook page

9) Movie screening: The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug

The Hobbit Poster

10) The end!

The organiser also very thoughful as they prepared dinner for us before the event start 🙂 

Dinner by Niniq

Dessert 🙂
Again picture from TGV facebook page! Can you spot me?

After the event’s details, now let’s talk about my 1st ever event experience and also my movie experience.
I went to the event with my mummy, brother and sister as I got 4 tickets and the tickets was rolled and I felt like I am graduating:) Felt a little bit nervous before going there because I totally had no idea what will happen and didn’t really know any bloggers before that! 🙂 There are a lot of media peoples there also! 🙂
Do I look like I am graduating?
A picture of myself and my ticket 🙂
Now let’s see the pictues with awesome JB bloggers. They are so friendly and nice people 🙂 Nice to meet you all 🙂
Me and Carinn. She is so small in size that I felt I look so gigantic in the picture and yes, I look gigantic here 🙁
Me and Audrey 🙂
From left, Me, Kim Tan, Aud and Carinn

Everyone felt excited in the theater and look at the 3D glasses, all the people handle it with care!

My seat number is from row G12- 15. It is in the middle but if get a more behind row will be better:p haha. After getting into our seats, I saw a goodies bag! TGV very thoughtfully preparing a goodies bag filled with Line Doll, Line fan, a blacket and a tumblr kind of cup. Guess the blanket is for our use as the theater is kinda cold! haha. Very nice of them! Especially like the line doll but I hope to get the Bear one! 🙁 Luckily, I got the Brown fan. haha.

My tickets , instant printing pictures, and the goodies that I mentioned 🙂

Watching the movie with IMAX was a great experience. The seats is very comfortable and I really felt that I am inside the movie. There were one scene in the movie when the bees flied out, I thought that the bee was flying to me-.- Kinda of scary sia. The 3D visual is much more better in IMAX theater when compare to normal 3D! The movie was sensorial-stimulating as well!

Therefore, in conclusion, I enjoyed the movie and had a great experience and great night!
If you haven watch the movie, make sure you go! It is a great movie, and if you are in JB but haven’t get to experience the IMAX theater, you shall also visit it someday in Jusco Tebrau City. I promise you, you will never regret!

Again happy meeting all the JB butterflies 🙂 

JB Butterflies, from left: Lerler (she is too shy to show her face), QiaoQiao who is the tallest, Audrey, Me, Kim Tan and Carinn

Lastly, I would like to thank Butterfly Project and TGV cinemas for the great experience 🙂

For more information, check out their websites here:

TGV Cinemas
Official site:  http://www.tgv.com.my/
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/TGVCinemas

The Butterfly Project Malaysia
Website: http://www.butterflyprojectmalaysia.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ButterflyProjectMalaysia



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