Euthanasia and Suicide

I am supposed to be doing my hurdle for this week but I got distracted hence I decided to have a short post. 
It is the first week for September, time flies and in another 2 months time I will be having my final. Arghh, everybody is stressing out now I guess and there are a lot of panda moving around in school everyday. 
Anyway, if I ever got the chance to take my final, I think I will fail also. Oh well, provided that I am still around for exam. 
Maybe enough of depressing stuffs as life has been quite depressed everyday for me. 
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Disclaimer: The content of this post is purely from my personal point of view. It has nothing to do with the medical opinions. 
What is the way to be happy? I thought through it and I get no answer so I googled it and this is what I got. 
For the past week and even this week, life has been so calm and peaceful. I realized that the calmness came with effort. Effort to make decision and effort to work on the decision that you have made. 
I would said I enjoy the past week a lot, in fact more than anything else for the whole year. 
Perhaps this is what the palliative care patient feels right? Get to do what they want at the last moment of life. 
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Personally I don’t particularly see anything wrong with suicide. To me, it is just like one sort of euthanasia. If patient with terminal physical illness can choose the option of euthanasia (just like in “Me Before You”), I don’t see why patient with terminal mental illness get judged by choosing suicide. It is indeed the best option they have. 
As they made the choices, at least the courage it took to complete it is real, the effort is real and the fact that they are trying to do something for themselves is real. 
I am not saying that I am supporting their decision but if it is really what they want, isn’t selfish for us to stop them in any way since they are the one who are going to suffer eventually. 
If the suicide ended up well, it is a good thing for them isn’t it? 
If anyone were to choose this last step, perhaps they will die without regrets because from the moment they decide and plan for it, they will try to do the things they want in the last moment of their life and the calmness that they feel is the best comfort. 
Last but not least, Just appreciate every moment you have with the loved one because you never know what will happen tomorrow.



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