End of 2017, New Year Resolution

Dear Readers, how are you guys doing? 
2017 is coming to the end, it is time for reflection and to plan for the new year again! 
Let’s start with
General reflections!
To describe my 2017 in 3 words, it will be 
Eventful, Grateful and Happiness
The happiest moment of the year would be the moment of graduation! I graduated from Monash finally! It is not the end of the journey! I am really thankful that I finally graduated! 
I have learnt some new skills! I manage to improve my photography skill and also makeup skills in the year of 2017! Now I can do eyebrow trimming for other people as well! I also get better in my eyeshadow skill! 
One new thing I discovered about myself is that I can live without a man by my side! 

Achievement of the year
1. Reach 100k total pageview for my teenager blog!
2. Finally got a FB page for my blog.
3. Almost hitting 1k for my baby instagram (Please follow if you haven’t)
4. Finally tried to film a video using my baby camera Sony A5000
5. Went for H&M Fashion Visual Merchandiser interview (It was indeed an interesting experience)
6. Graduated with a Distinction even though I didn’t really put in effort in my studies over the 5 years
7. Being able to drive long journey.
8. Explore Segamat, Muar, Kluang and Batu Pahat! (Afterall I only know that they are all in Johor this year itself)
9. Got a boss and become part of a team in my agency!
10. Got involve in some photo shooting and video shooting this year as well! The video is on a big screen in a mall! 
11. Become a spiritual individual.
12. Become a kinder individual. 
13. Wrote a chapter in a book that are going to be published 🙂 
14. Being courageous enough to stay alive. 
The Lows of the Year
Happiness, sadness, anger, stress and disappointment are inevitable in life. 
It is not about what did we lose but what did we learn through the highs and lows.
If we keep focus on what did we lose, we will not be able to grow stronger and to be happier! 
The low of the year, what did I learn and who am I grateful for
Talking about the low,
It will be the sexual harassment scandal.
Will not go into details but sexual harassment happens everywhere!
You must be firm when you needed to in order to avoid further harms.
It wouldn’t be possible for me to be who I am today if these people were not around and helped me throughout the year! You know who you are and I shall not name it! 
However, I would really like to take this opportunity to thank my family, my friends and my lecturers for the support throughout the year!
They include my daddy, mummy, sister, brother, my close friends: Carson, Foong Shiang, Elynn, Isaac, Adrina, my laogong laopo from high school (Han, Ber, Min), my colleagues: Aaron and Jaslyn, Drs from the university and hospital: Ms Sharon, Dr Siva (Can find him if you want to make any report of the school!), Dr Lingham aka goddaddy!
Actually there are much more than this! Don’t feel sad if your name is not here because I cannot possibly name all of you! (If you still feel sad, drop me a text or mail and I will add you in!)
New Year Resolution: 
Things that I want to achieve in 2018
Be kind and have courage.
Be happy.
Be active and Healthy
Be Grateful

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That is it! I hope you enjoy the post and manage to spent some time to reflect on your year as well!
Happy New Year!
Till we meet again, 

Author: Sherlyn Goh

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