End of 2016, New Year Resolutions

Few more days to end the year of 2016!
I have a good news to announce! I passed my Year 4! (with a pretty high marks somemore). One more year to become doctor. 
It is pretty unbelievable that I have came this far as everyone has been saying that Year 4 is the toughest year of medical school! (Actually I think Year 2 is the toughest still!) 
Anyway, Congratulations to myself! 
Let me share with you all some tricks of passing Year 4 perhaps? 
Believe that you will definitely know something about everything even if you don’t know anything. 
You will definitely know the important topics throughout the rotations and hence you will somehow know something from each topic. Don’t panic in OSCE and everything can come out naturally. It is easier to say than done though. 
If you think that you are confident with your OSCE , forget about practicing every week. Personally I am not the practice kind of person for OSCE ever since Year 1 because I always believe that everything will come out naturally during exam as long as I stay calm. True enough, my OSCE result was not too bad after all although I was so anxious throughout the 16 stations. 
Study with friends help.
You cannot possibly study everything on your own and hence it is good to have some friends to study together so that you all can share the knowledge! It save you a lot of time! 
Do all the past year! 
Although university keep telling us there will not have any repeated questions but it is better to do all as most of the question are pretty similar. 
Enough of tips! 
Next on, Let’s review my 2016. It’s a year full of ups and downs, mostly downs I guess. A lot of things going on and I just simply cannot cope with it. 
Not to forget those who stayed by my side during my ups and downs. Appreciate those who text me in the middle of the night to encourage me, my family and my bf for everything. 
My resolutions of wanting to be more active in blogging totally failed. Studies come first I guess. 
Now that I have finished my Year 4 and year 5 is going to be relaxing, I promised I will be more active in blogging to deliver a better content. 
My resolution for 2017 are pretty simple 
Stay strong and stay calm.
Be more active in blogging. 
Stay healthy 
Be more active in gym to lose weight and have 6 packs 
Graduation is coming in a year time!! 

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