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ELROEL Cosmetics review is here! They are finally in Malaysia and we are so happy to review the cosmetics from them!

Elroel Velluto Matt Swatch review

ELROEL Velluto Matte

01- Fog Beige
02- Mood in Rosa
03- Vintage Mauve
04- Burnt Tangerine
05- Elroel Rosso
06- Rich Plum
The packaging of the lipsticks is so elegant with the rose gold cover!
Velvety texture and I get to choose the colours depending on my mood. The soft blur finishing gave my lips a natural look! Non-drying and comfortable to apply, with just one swipe the colour is visible! The cotton seed oil in the lipstick 💄 makes it smooth and moisturized for the lips!

Glow & Velvet Tint Duo

elroel glow and velvet tint review

Available in three colours and each stick comes with a Velvet and Glow side! The colour is strong and beautiful! It remains on my lips for like a long time even after I eat! 💋

elroel glow and velvet tint review

Chiffon Jelly Blusher

elroel Chiffon Jelly Blusher review

Comes in two shades. It is velvet texture and the finishing is matte while soft! With the name “chiffon”, it is neither powder nor cream! The packaging is a bit like the Fenty Beauty’s one but they are nowhere alike. I love this blusher as it is sheer and light! It gives me a glowing natural look!

elroel Chiffon Jelly Blusher review

Spin Curler Mascara

Elroel Spin Curler Mascara

I love the curve-shaped spin brush! It gives volume to my eyelashes and extends my eyelashes. I still use the curler although it is supposed to raise the eyelashes without a curler! The things that I don’t like about it is It is not waterproof!

No sebum fixing powder and Pink Lighting Powder

elroel No sebum fixing powder and Pink Lighting Powder

The powder and puff come together and so there is no more mess applying the loose powder! It is so convenient to apply as the cushion is integrated with the container!
The pink lighting powder keeps my face glowing the whole day while no sebum powder makes my skin clear the whole day!!

Heart Fit Blanc Powder

Elroel Heart Fit Blanc Powder

It changes the colour based on your skin tone! I have to see the moisturizing power is amazing! It evens my skin tone while relieving redness! ❤️
The triple correcting effect with the triple colours gives a perfect skin tone. White – Equally covers the skin tone
Pink – Gives skin vitality
Green – Relieves redness
To use it: Roll 3-5 rounds with the puff. The colour capsules will be broken by temperature and pressure and produce the colour. Spread over the face like applying facial cream. Then finish by tapping with the puff to increase the brightness and adhesion.

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