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Driving is always a pain for me even after 4 years I get my driving license.

Until recently, I get a car after I get back to JB and wow, this is where the real pain started. I tried to drive but at first all I can do is drove at a speed of 20km/h, people honk me everywhere and I couldn’t park, couldn’t cut lane, couldn’t go out from a junction, etc etc…
After 2 months of practicing, I get better but still, I couldn’t recognize any roads and hence the place that I can really go is so limited.
Here is a few driving tips that I get from practicing. 
1) Always be polite and give way to other vehicles! 
I always being very noob on the road and hence thanks to those vehicles to give their way to me, brake because of me and bear with my sucky driving skills. 
2) Give signal.
I always don’t give signal with the mindset of other people also never give, why I should give? Until recently,I realised tat giving signal won’t cause me any pain or any loss but can secure my own safety and let other drivers know my intention. Yes, giving signal makes me less cool and more noob but for the sake of safety, it would be better if you can give signals before you do anything. 
3) Must be decisive. 
I always don’t know which lane I should go or which turn I should turn. This makes me very indecisive and always drive in the middle of two lanes. Hence, I am still learning to be decisive when I drive because you cannot be driving in the middle of the lane and makes the car behind wondering what are you doing and cause any road accident. 

I guess this is all for now and I am still working hard on my driving skills! I don’t know why is it so difficult for me! Hope all these tips help those who are as noob as me in driving. 

Sherlyn 🙂 

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