Crappy and Down in the Midst of Pursuing Happiness

I am back again.  Today I am down.

Just a normal day, PMR results came out today and yah! Accompanied my sister to her school to get her result and guess what, she got 6A2B! I was so speechless about it but considered it as acceptable lar. haha.

After that, I don’t know why get fever, sore throat again. Have been always sick since the starting of the holiday or maybe before that. Before that, people said it was because of stress but now I don’t know why. I refused to do a medical checkup because I don’t want to know anything. I am stubborn sometimes, even my mum also cannot do anything about it. haha

Just found out that my home got 2 type of ponstan? I don’t know what happen either but the yellow color pills that I had been always taken is actually mefenamic acid 500mg. Thanks to all the sickness, I came to know more about medications’ name! speechless huh? Me too.

Period pain was horrible that I hope that I can just roll on my bed and I was resting on my bed for 2 days already simply because I became so dizzy and feel like fainting when I stand up. Owh, I don’t know why. haha

Had been gaining weight again. Perhaps I should try slimming pills again. People had been advising me not to take it but I really cannot stand my weight. My target weight is 40kg and I am still long way to go. My target waist size is 23 inch and I couldnt achieve it either. Useless huh? yes. I am desperate for 40kg and 23 inch. Hope I will achieve it and I will try to achieve it at all cost.

I am obsessed with beauty and being pretty. That is it.

Final results suck and I refused to even talk about it. Don’t ask me. I will just tell you:’ I passed!’ haha. Whatever, since passing is what I want. However, I am so worried for year 2. Don’t know whether I will be alive after my Year 2! lol. Most probably dying halfway. That is why I am worry.

Should just start typing out what I want to say when I am still alive. lol. Preparing for death is important ler. (It is in the lecture.)

Okay, so crappy. Bye

Sherlyn. 🙂


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