Circle Color Lens Review: Circle Violet

Happy New Year! 
It is first day of 2018, I hope you have a good start!
I am starting my year with this first post of 2018!

Did you noticed my eyes are brighter and bigger from my photo above? For girls who always want to have attractive eyes, you come to the right post! It has been a week since I tried the contact lens from Circle I Asia. I know it might be your first time hearing the brand, believe me, it is my first time too! Never try never know and after trying it for a week, I love it a lot because of the comfort it provide and the nice color of the circle color lens! 
I received three pairs of lens, Brown, Blue and Violet! It will take me time for a complete review for all three colors so I shall start with Violet. 
Circle Color Lens
Is a 3 months disposable color contact lens
38% water content
Available in 9 colors: Black, Brown, Violet, Blue, Green, Grey, Lavender, Misty and HazelIt comes with 14.0 mm & 14.5 mm diameter design.
Let’s have a look at the Circle Violet. Can you see how vivid the violet is? 
Have a closer look on how it look like when I wear it. What do you think?
Photos tell everything isn’t it? 
Overall Thoughts 
Overall, I am pretty impressed with the contact lens.
It is smooth and even I’m wearing it out for an average of 8 hours each time, there is no issues of dry eyes. It provides long hours comfort for your eyes!
The color choices available is unique and there are two diameter available for the products which allow customer to choose their desirable diameter.
It is really comfortable. 

 For more details, check out
Stay tune for my next reviews- Circle Blue and Circle Brown.

Lastly, Happy New Year once again!

Till we meet again,


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