Chinese New Year Outfit Idea

Hi People! 😀 I am back again. I am sick the whole week in fact I am still quite sick now :S Visiting the doctor and was diagnosed with pharyngitis. You must be wondering “WAH, what is pharyngitis? Such a big word!” It is okay, I shall not explained this kind of medical term over my semester break.

Chinese New Year is around the corner! Everyone must be busying with spring cleaning, making chinese new year cookies, finishing up the work on hand before going on a long holiday right? I wish everything goes well!

Today I am going to talk about Chinese New Year outfit. Before that, I am kinda of new in doing this kind of “style advisor” thingy and I hope you will like it! Thank you for Antonella from GlassesOnline for approaching me 😀

Cracking your head over Chinese New Year outfit? Take a look at this ensemble that I’ve handpicked for you! Pairing pink with gold has always been something I would like to try. The outfit aims to bring out elegance and brings out your sweet side! 

Pink Off shoulder crop tee paired with a black leather pencil skirt just for that edgy touch. For the accesories part, I chose a long gold butterfly pendant necklace as it will make the upper body appear longer and make the top less plain. The Pink Rose Earrings is a simple choice for that touch of feminity and the Ray Ban sunglasses have gold in its design as well. With the Estee Lauder Pure 5 Color palette and a pink Tom Ford lip color, you can create a simple but elegant makeup. I chose a satchel bag with some gold elemant to match the whole outfit and Christian Louboutin Parais Royal heels to complete the look. Now you are ready for Chinese New Year!

What do you think of the outfit? Do you like the idea? Let me know 😀

Sherlyn 🙂


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