Chinese New Year Day 1

Hi!! Happy Chinese New Year!! 😀 How is everyone? Have a lot of fun and eat a lot of good food? hehe. I am going to be so narcissist in this post! Oops, actually I am also being so narcissist in my daily life lar. Must take a lot of nice photos when I am young and don’t have any wrinkles yet!

This is my #ootd for chor yat! Again, as I am a lazy person so my outfits all aim to be fashionable but at the same time simple. I always admire people who go for complicated outfit but it is just too hard for me. I always sleep till the very last minutes and short of time to dress up complicatedly! haha

  • The assymetrical dress is from Forever 21 
  • The bag is from Fabiano Ricco
  • Purple feather earrings from Miss Whatever
  • Red shoes from Vki
  • Love necklace from Qoo10

So what do you think of my #ootd for chor yat? hahaha

Next is going to be my #fotd (face of the day incase you didnt know!)  Igonore my super chubby face as I try my very best but it is just so chubby and round 🙁

As I mentioned, I short of time to dress up! So for my makeup part, it is SIMPLE AGIAN haha! I just simply applied the normal base makeup which include base, foundation, bb and cc cream with my 3ce lip lacquer #showtime and also 3ce #peach shimmer stick on my t-zone to highlight it! The lip color lasted sooo long! It is a light makeup as usual and it creates innocent look! No time to go for contouring and even other things also larh. I didn’t look that bad despite my laziness also right hehe.

In the car going out…Photo again… 

Chiang chiang!! Of course going to temple on chor yat lar! And it is the temple that i usually go! The temple is full of lantern!

We prayed and eat some vegetarian food before we leave for beach.  
Actually we go to the beach for nothing besides taking photo lar. I am not allowed to play with water since water is not good to me! well, there is just such thing in fortune telling right.

Going to spam photos now. hahaha. Ignore the purple shoes cause the floor of the temple is dirty so I have to change to a more convenient shoes lar.

 What am I smiling at? Owhh. I love this picture! Blue sky, blue sea and I am smiling happily!


 I seriously look like a model right? wahaha. Feel so wasted to study medicine lar 0.0

Randamly met my old neighbour when we went to Jusco Bukit Indah after that and we tooked a pictures there! 

Went for a super late lunch with my family at sizzling stonegrill!!! It is actually my 1st time there! haha.

 If you haven seen my family members! Here is it! haha

 Photo again in the toilet! My sister is showing off her Note 3! lol

That is all for my chor yat. Simple yet happy! Kept emphasizing simple in this post as I think

“Happiness could be simple”

A simple make up, simple dress, simple lunch and simple chor yat with family. Hope everyone will have a happy cny!
Again Happy Chinese New Year and Gong Xi Fa Cai!

Sherlyn 🙂


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