Berry Bright Eye Nourishing Drink

Aging is a natural process. As I aged, I started to face many eyes problems. 
The blood circulation around the eyes getting poorer and this causes toxin accumulation and dark circle. Did I not mention in my previous post that dark circle is one of my biggest enemy?
Want to know my latest secret in dealing with eyes problem?
My secret is
 Berry Bright Eye Nourishing Drink 
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What is BerryBright? 
Berry Bright is a natural eye supplement drink that helps you to replenish essential nutrients which are needed to maintain healthy eyes and vision. 
Who is Berry Bright for? Are you at risk of developing eye problems?
Berry Bright is for everyone from age 3 and above.
It is recommended for contact lens users, people with dry and fatigue eyes.
If you are a heavy device users. Lutein can filter harmful blue light that can speed up aging for our eyes.  
If you are like me, have dark circles under the eyes, it is formulated to improve microcirculation that can lighten the dark circles.
It is also a nutritional support to prevent eye disease and maintain a clear vision. 
There are even studies to support it! Medical students talk about evidence right? 
To sum up the benefits, it includes
1. Improves eyes and vision health 
2. High in antioxidants
3. Protects against harmful blue light. 
4. Improves blood circulation around the eyes. 
There are two types of Berry Bright; namely BerryBright Original and BerryBright Stevia
The main differences being BerryBright Original contains fructose which come up with 38 calories/serving. 
There is NO SUGAR added for BerryBright Stevia as Stevia is a natural sweetener. There is only 31 calories/serving. It is suitable for individuals who wish to reduce sugar intake or any diabetics individual. 
Blackcurrant Anthocyanin
It is New Zealand Blackcurrant which contains 4 times more anthocyanins. 
It helps to relieve eye fatigues, reduce dark circles and stimulate the regeneration of the eye cell to improve vision. 
EyeBright Extract 
Relieves eye dryness, irritation and fatigue.
Marigold Extract 
Rich in beta-carotene, lutein and zeaxanthin which protect macula against harmful blue light
Vitamin C 
Protects eyes from free radical damage
Bilberry Extract 
Only for BerryBright with Stevia
Rich in anthocyanins
Only for BerryBright with Stevia
100% natural and zero calories sweetener.
What you need to know!!
Each sachet provides the equivalent benefits from consuming 100 blackcurrant berries. 
It is high in Vitamin C, approximately 500mg per sachet which is equivalent to 10 oranges. 
There is no artificial coloring and preservatives. 
Suitable for vegetarian 
1. Prepare 150ml of room temperature water. 
2. Add one sachet of Berry Bright. 
3. Stir and mix well. 
Drink immediately to avoid oxidation. 
It is suggested that you drink before meal. 
Sherlyn’s Thoughts
To my surprise, the BerryBright tastes like Ribena! It is like a less sweet version of ribena. It is refreshing! I cannot wait to have a cup of it every morning before breakfast! You are going to love the taste!
I have been drinking it for the past 5 days and I am satisfied with it.
I am a contact lens user and I am definitely at a higher risk of eyes disease because I have prolonged exposure to my computer and handphone, I read a lot as well!
The obvious effect that I feel is my eyes don’t feel fatigue as usual after prolong computer usage. The dark circles are reduced. My eyes are not as dry anymore and finally I don’t need to keep putting eyedrops throughout the day!
It received multiple awards. It is the winner of the ‘Health Food‘ category in Malaysia Health and Wellness Brand Awards 2017, co-organized by SinChew Daily and Life Magazines, endorsed by the Malaysia Ministry of Health. Apart from that, it is also the winner of ‘Best Natural Eye Care Supplement” in Natural Health Readers’ Choice Awards 2017, 2015, 2014 and winner of “Eye Care” category in Long Life Health&Beauty Awards 2015&2014.
Do you know that World Health Organization estimates that up to 80% of blindness and serious visual loss is preventable? What are you waiting for when BerryBright is the solution for age-related eye diseases? 
The price for Berry Bright Eye Nourishing Drink is RM 44.90 and for Berry Bright Eye Nourishing Drink with Stevia is RM 49.90
You can purchase the products here
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I hope you find it beneficial!
Till we meet again,

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