Be Strong, Be Brave, Be happy.

Recently, I am seriously not in a good mood. Feeling negative, down and upset the whole time.

I tried my best to think of something positive but it seem that there is nothing positive. 
When sleeping quality is impaired and with period pain, it just make everything worse. 
My attempt to get into sleep failed so terribly! 
Exam is coming in a week time and I haven’t cover anything yet. I am feeling so anxious about it but I am always in a fatigue state. 
My body is tired, my mind is tired also. I cannot seem to concentrate on the words. I stared at one slide for 15 minutes and I get nothing from it. 
I tried to get rid of my handphone and internet but at the end people get anxious and worry when they cannot find me. People get worry when I never reply their text. 
It seem to be quite problematic. 
I feel so ashamed that I am scared of injection. I went for injection today and it was scheduled on 11am but I was wide awake and being so anxious until the moment I got the injection done. I was hyperventilating until my hand was so numb and I felt so dizzy. 
Maybe I should be brave a little bit. Whether it is injection or in life. Life is cruel, just like injection is painful but  I must be brave enough to face it myself in the end. 

Writing blog post makes me feel a bit better. I am just too used to write my problems out to make me feel better temporary instead of solving the problems.

I always feel sad over some absurd comment, feel affected when people talking about my weight. I simply cannot take it. I have low self esteem and criticism often doesn’t help me in any way besides further lower my self esteem, making me want to give up and making me more depressed.

I mean I already feeling so upset because I am already trying my best and yet I don’t get anything in return while all the world can do is criticising instead of encouraging me. When I do something well, i get nothing but when i do something wrongly, all i get is criticism. Is it even fair to me? Life is unfair.

When all I want to do is just to express my emotion but what people can do is judging.

I really need encouragement. If you want to give constructive opinions, you can tell me in a peaceful and diplomatic way. Not in a way which I could not accept. 

Lastly, I hope I can be a little bit happy and energetic instead of feeling so sad and down all the time. I lost my smile but tear is always there with me.

Hopefully everything will be better tomorrow! 

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