Astro On The Go (AOTG) for students

On 12th June, I went to the Astro On the Go (AOTG) road show in Sunway University. Let’s see what happened in the roadshow! 😀

I was there earlier to see how the preparation was. From the picture, we can see that the staffs are preparing for the crowds later on! 

First, I listened to the explanation on what is AOTG by the friendly staff! Look at the smile! 
With AOTG, you will be able to enjoy some of the channels for free: Astro Awani, Selected Astro ARENA content, selected shows, movies and LIVE sports!
There are a few types of packages.
1)      Super Pack, Multiroom, Sports Pack & Value Pack customers: Watch Astro on your computer, smartphone and tablet for FREE
2)      Other Astro customers: Take AOTG at RM10/per month
3)      Non-Astro customers: Watch Astro from just RM1 a day, no contract & installation required! 

Since the sign-up is free, I registered myself also! 
After registration, I was entitled a goodies bag! Let’s have a look at my goodies bag! There is a notebook, pen and cap inside!
 The crowd started to appear.
As time passed, there are….
WOW! A lot of people! It was a big success of Astro On The Go signup by students!
Besides, there is also lucky draw! 
And…. I took part in the lucky draw as well!
Guess what I won? It is one month of subscription to my favourite channels on AOTG!
Not to forget, there was also exciting game in the roadshow! Guess what? It is “Juggle the ball” and you are will win a small soccer ball when you successfully juggle the ball!
Look at the girl! 
My version of juggle the ball! haha
With the 2014 FIFA world cup, I am sure you will want to watch your favorite matches anytime and anywhere right? Good news!! With AOTG, you can also watch the on-going FIFA world cup now anywhere using your devices!
You can also watch your favourite anime and Korean dramas using AOTG!
What are you guys waiting for, if you haven register yourself, hurry up and register AOTG for free at

I am so glad that I was able to meet some of the bloggers during the event! 
Do you enjoy reading the post?! Again, please head to signup AOTG for free! 😀

Sherlyn. 🙂 

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