Accommodation for Sunway and Monash students: Sunway Monash Residence

Sunway city or Bandar Sunway is one of the well known education cities in Malaysia as the area have two large universities which is Sunway University and Monash University!
If you just finish your high school and you are going to study in Sunway, you might probably need a staying place right? πŸ™‚ There are a few on campus accomodations there and you might probably be interested such as Sunway Monash Residence (where people called it SMR), Sun-U Residence and Sun-U apartment.

I am going to focus on Sunway Monash Residence in this post as I am staying over here for the past 2 years and soon going to be my 3rd year of staying there!

First, if you want to know the information of SMR from the official website, you can read it here!

Next will be my exclusive tips and comments for the hostel! Before that, Bear in mind that everything that you read here is only from MY point of view!

For the benefits, 
1) Get More Sleep/ Convenience
The hostel no doubt is the most convenient place to stay if you are studying in Monash University, it is just 2 minutes walking to the campus and you just actually have to walk passby a Starbucks bridge which connect the residence to the university! Therefore, one plus point of staying there is you can get more sleep! If you have class at 8am, you can wakeup at 7.30am and you won’t be late to class! (Even though this always doesnt applied to me!)

2) Good Security! 
They hired a lot of super strict and fierce security guard and have a super advance card access system!

3) I cannot think of other benefits already-.-

Next I hope I wont get into any troubles for stating the disadvantages! 

For the Disadvantages,
1) No WIFI
Yes, I stay there for 2 years and they doesnt provide wifi for their residence! They do provide a Yes 4G dongle but err, with super limited quota.

2) Network Connectivity Issues
I am not saying all of the room but some of the rooms having network connectivity issue! If you are planning to use a maxis or digi broadband, be prepared! You might get very slow and bad connection or even NO connection at all! Not sure for other company though! For my Digi phone line, I always cannot hear clearly when I am talking over the phone with others and have to walk around the small room to find a better spot to be able to listen clearly! haha

3) FOOD assessibility
If you are staying in SMR, the most convenient food is Lunch Box which is located just downstairs of SMR! The food there err, is oily, pricey and not really delicious at all! I always rather eat Instant noodles because it is more convenient (Just Microwave), healthier, and more delicious than lunch box! Also, this is just my point of view! Of course, if you are really free to cook, you can bring along your slow cooker or rice cooker even though I not sure whether this is allowed in SMR! So if you are a person who likes to eat and cannot live without food, maybe you would like to opt for other options such as Sunway U residence because there are more variety of food choices available: white, orange
and rock cafe.

4) AIR COND only limit up to 6 hours a day, 180 hours per month! 
If you are someone who don’t want to pay extra for the air cond, you can only open it up to 6 hours a day! They have a reading meter for each room to track your usage! If your reading exceed 180 hours per month, you gotta pay extra!

5) Most expensive!
It is freaking RM 1150 per month ler!  Initially was RM1050 but now become RM1150!

6) LAUNDRY service…….
The RM1150 does include laundry service but lol, if you sent bedsheet and even towel, they will charge you extra! If you find this reasonable, nevermind readon….

The service are risky! You might lost your clothes haha. For me, I never sent down my expensive clothes because I am afraid that I will go missing. I personally received some unknown guy’s panties and some unknown girl’s stockings when I collected my laundry!

7) Curfew
Strict curfew! Weekday is until 1am and weekend until 3am! I cannot even catch a midnight movie properly because of the stupid curfew!

Overall, the only reason I stay there is because it is so convenient as it is super near to the uni and I cannot drive πŸ™ 
SMR is a quite expensive accommodation I would say! Even though it is expensive, it doesnt include free wife, not accesible to food and limited air cond usage with limited laundry service! 

If you are someone who doesnt mind whether the air cond usage is limited, or doesn’t required proper meal to survive, you can consider this place! πŸ˜€

That is all!

Sherlyn. πŸ™‚


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