Hi, It’s Sherlyn here! 
Nice to meet you all!
You might be wondering who exactly am I! 
Let’s go through a few facts about me!
Ordinary girl with unordinary experience. 
When and How I started blogging?
I started blogging since 2011. Previously, I wrote more on emotions, friendship/relationship like a normal teens. Afterall, that was the stage of transforming from caterpillar into butterfly right? 
Now, I am no longer a teen (too bad!)
With a more mature mind, I love to share on food, travel and beauty! More towards a lifestyle blogger!
What do I do in life? 
Apart from blogging, I am also a full time medical student in Monash University Malaysia! Don’t hesitate to email me if you have any doubts! 
How would I describe myself? 
Probably bubbly & talkative! 
I talk excessively but you will enjoy my existence because I bring laughter to people around me through my “blurry” character. 
Life goals? 
Get my degree and become a pretty doctor?
Call me vain but I want to become a doctor who dress prettily to work everyday! I believed it brightens up my patients!
Professional does not equals to nerdy/boring dressing. I believe One can be professional even when he/she is in a fashionable piece. I don’t believe in following norms, I will proof that I will be a professional yet fashionable medic babe.
Personal Interest 
It brings out my confidence 🙂 
Cafe Hopping 
Who doesn’t love food? 
Btw, My Fav dessert is chocolate lava! Hot and cold. Get to know me to have a taste of lava 🙂 
Fav quote 

Not giving a fuck does not mean being indifferent;
It means being comfortable with being different. 

From the book: The Subtle Art of Not Giving A F*ck
Say Hi to me 🙂 
I am friendly and I won’t bite 🙂

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