7 Quick Thoughts

Hi! enjoying public holiday?

In this post, I will be sharing my thought of the day! If you find it boring then you can skip this post! lol. 

1) So tempted to join Amber Chia’s Academy modelling course. Can learn so a lot of things: makeup, hair, posture and I love their amber chia’s heels! It is RM2800 and my parents refused to pay for me! Who wants to pay for me? lol

2) Think I should be satisfied with myself now since I am way better than those who don’t even know how to take care of their skin and have really bad fashion sense. 

3) Being a girl who is single, capable and confident is way better than being a girl who is in relationship but always feel insecure of everything. 

4) If want to apologize, apologize sincerely. Don’t make your apology sounded like you are forced to do so. 

5) If you want to be treated nicely, then treat people nicely first. Same goes to if you want people to talk nicely with you and share anything with you, you must talk nicely first. No use to mention you are being nice when what you do is just the opposite way. 

6) Being dramatic is better than being a woman that act immaturely and unreasonable.  

 7) Inspiration of this the post is from my daily life. Please don’t be oversensitive over this post but if you think I am talking about you, feel free to think so, I don’t even give a shit about what you think! 


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