7 Nail Designs To Try in 2020

Do you know that nails are part of your fashion statement as well? Adding an attitude to your daily fashion is pretty tricky especially when there are so many gorgeous ways to level up your fingertips. The commitment to having gel mani is pretty tedious but we got you covered as well! Read till the end to discover the 7 Nail Designs To Try in 2020!

We handpicked 7 nails designs that you MUST try the next time you visit your nail salon!

Happy Scrolling!

1. Mint Green Minimalistic Nails

7 Nail Designs to try in 2020- Minimalistic

For a fresh start of 2020, minimalistic, fresh mint green nails allow us to leave behind the mood of Christmas.

2. CNY is coming! It is not a must to have RED

Run out of ideas for the upcoming CNY? I am sure your CNY clothes are going to be RED but not your nails! Coral pink with gold combination looks good too!

3. If you love PEARL

7 Nail Designs to try in 2020- Pearl

You don’t want to have too much pearl on your fingertips! When it comes to pearl, the concept of the more the merrier does not apply! With the light pink gel manicure, it is suitable for any occasions.

4. Ribbon Lover?

7 Nail Designs to try in 2020 - Ribbon

At a glance, it can be Christmas but this line design is ever-green. If you love to have ribbons on your nails, try to go with box design, you will be surprised!

5. Cartoon can be elegant too!

7 Nail Designs to try in 2020 - Cartoon

To have cartoon on your fingertips doesn’t necessarily mean childish designs. This can be elegant too if you go the right way!

6. Gradient is the trend in 2020

7 Nail Designs to try in 2020-- Gradient

If the gradient is too simple for you, try adding a few accessories!

7. For your love one: Valentine’s Day is coming.

7 Nail Designs to try in 2020

Valentine’s is the day for you to receive flowers and presents so of course, you need to have nice fingernails in order to surprise your partner! Imagine accepting flowers and taking insta-worthy photos with it!

We hope you like the 7 Nail Designs to try in 2020 and share with us which one do you like! 🙂

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