10 Toys for kids – Best toys for your kids

Always looking for toys that are suitable for your kids? Today we are recommending 10 toys you need for your kids.

1. VTech Baby Toys Musical Rhymes Book

Suitable for kids from 6-36 months, this musical rhyme book has 6 classic nursery rhymes that contribute to early learning for babies.

2. Baby Learning Laptop

Suitable for kids from 6-36 months, It teaches essential curriculum for baby such as Shape, Color, Numbers, Animals, Music, Eye-Hand Co-ordination and Motor Skills

3. Move and crawling ball

This version is the Bi-lingual crawling ball for babies aged 6-30 months. English and Simplified Chinese。 The packaging and instruction guide is in Simplified Chinese. If you are looking for an English version, you may select another English version crawling ball.

4. High Chair Toy

VTech High Chair Toys – Lil Critters Spin and Discover Ferris Wheel is designed for baby aged 6 – 36 months. It has a suction cup at the bottom which can be put on the high chair or on the table. It helps your baby stay calm on the high chair and concentrate on the food.

5. Driver toy

6. Activity cube toy

9 in 1 activity cube for baby from 6-36 months. it has 9 types of early development skills.

7. Walker

VTech Walker is suitable for 9-36 months. Support to play on the floor before the baby is able to stand and walk. When the baby starts to walk, this walker has 2-speed control which can support different baby walking stages. The learning panel has sensitivity about walking speed. When baby is walker faster, it will have faster encouragement music. The learning panel support varieties of learning and development needs of baby. 3 color options to choose (Orange/ Blue/ Pink).

8. Letter Phonics & Spelling

8 learning games

• Phonics Fun: Let’s learn the letter phonics sounds (A says a”)
• Alphabet Explorer: Learn about letter orders and the associated words for each letter, like “F comes after E”, “F comes before G”, “F is for Feather”
• Super Speller: Follow the light-up sequence and spell CAKE. C-A-K-E
• Hungry Worm (Counting): Catch the flashing apple and learn to count
• Follow the Lights (Memory Game): Remember the lights up button and follow along
• Quiz time: Can they find the letter L
• Music Party: Press any button or move the warm to Sing and with flashing lights dancing (29 Songs & Melodies)
• Clock: the clock has a movable hand that introduces time concepts like “5‘O Clock. Time to Laugh & Smile“

9. Baby Crawling Toy – Toys you need for your kids

10. Kids Learning Desk

toys you need for your kids
toys you need for your kids: https://s.lazada.com.my/s.5bB1Q?cc

VTech Touch & Learn Activity Desk is a 4 in 1 interactive (kids learning desk & stool, chalkboard, drawing board and writing pad). It includes 9 learning activity pages that teach math, science, language arts, social studies and more through games and stories.
The learning pages have 100+ vocabulary words, 20+ activities and 20+ songs and melodies and the LED display illustrates letter and number stroke order and how to draw basic shapes. Suitable for Age : 3-6 years.

Here are all the toys you need for your kids. Do you like our list?

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